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What is a PayU account?

A PayU account is a free service for online buyers. It allows you to carry out quick and secure online transactions without the need to register in the shop.

PayU means:

  • a single registration that gives you continuous access to many online shops,
  • instant transactions,
  • ordered shopping history,
  • tracking your online purchases,
  • viewing all the operations,
  • full control over your budget,
  • promotions and discounts in chosen shops,
  • support and protection at every shopping stage,

You can buy using one login and password in many online shops without the need to log in and register.

Buying is limited to three steps:

  1. Choose a product.
  2. Log into your PayU account.
  3. Confirm the purchase and pay.

You do not have to fill out registration forms, specify shipping address, or enter your payment card data. You save all the necessary information only once, on your PayU account

How much does using a PayU account cost?

The PayU service is completely free.We do not charge any fees for making transactions and protecting your data. 

Is my data secure?

Yes, it is. We ensure complete security of the data entrusted to us.

With PayU:

  • you do not have to worry about dishonest sellers,
  • all confidential details are available in one place,
  • you can be sure that your money will quickly reach your trading partner,
  • you are fully protected (NBP, PCI),
  • you can view transactions at all shopping stages,
  • you do not expose yourself to SPAM,
  • you receive help in handling complaints,
  • you can return money from the seller’s account (chargeback),
  • you receive technical support,
  • you buy in verified and checked shops.

PayU holds a Settlement Agent certificate granted by the National Bank of Poland. It means that it is a reliable and honest institution supervised by the NBP.

All the information concerning payment cards is encrypted and unavailable to third parties.This is possible due to the PCI certification which ensures the highest security standards for data storage.

Shops in which you buy via your PayU accountreceive only the details that are necessary for shipping.You specify the payment card data only once and protect them with an additional PIN number that is known only to you.

How is my data transmitted to the shop?

Upon confirming the purchase declaration, PayU sends your buyer identifier to the shop. It contains encrypted information concerning the payment and the shipping address. The shop reads the information in the transaction system and as a result, it can immediately process your order.

How will a Seller know where to send the parcel?

When creating a PayU account, you configure the shipping address(es). After you make a purchase, the required information is automatically transmitted to the shop where you have made the transaction. You can choose more than one shipping address and assign appropriate names to each of them (e.g. Work or Home). This way your shipment will always reach the intended destination. You can also add a new shipping address at any time.

What do transaction statuses mean?

Each stage of processing your order is summarised with a proper status. This way you may have precise complete information on whether the money you transferred has already reached the seller and on the current status of your order. If a courier company cooperates with us, we also allow you to track the shipment status directly from your PayU account. The list of statuses presented on your account is available in the context menu.

Can I enter more than one shipping address?

Of course! A PayU account is an innovative solution that helps you securely shop on the Internet. You can specify several shipping addresses and assign appropriate names to each of them (e.g. Home or Work). This way your shopping will always reach the intended destination.

Can I add several e-mail addresses to my PayU account?

Yes, you can. This way you will check your shopping history using several e-mail addresses. Remember that you set one default e-mail address which will be used to log in to PayU.

Does my account work in all online shops?

You can use your PayU account in every shop that makes such payment method available. The list of shops offering PayU payments can be found at

Where can I find a list of shops where it is possible to do shopping?

The list of shops offering PayU payments can be found at Each shop listed there includes information on its website about the possibility to pay with PayU and a logo of our service

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, if you want the shipment to be delivered to another address, enter the new address before confirming the purchase. If you decide upon international shipping, the shop will automatically calculate all the costs which will also change on your order card.

Can I choose more than one payment method?

Yes, you can choose several payment methods if you have accounts in many banks. The first method you choose becomes the default one, but you can always change it. As a result, you will buy much faster, because upon carrying out this transaction you will be automatically redirected to the login page of your bank or – in the case of a payment card – to a page where you will verify your payment using the PIN number that you have set previously.


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